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Cambodia is a kingdom of wonder with its large population of about 16 million and its charming state religion of Theravada Buddhism. From the past up today, my lovely people still believe and practice Hinduism. 

The Khmer civilisation inhabiting the Angkor region was one of the most remarkable to flourish in South East Asia. From the 8th to the 13th centuries a succession of Hindu and Buddhist kings built over 2,000 ancient temples throughout the country. Their intricate carvings, fascinating architecture and ahead of its time engineering amazed the first Europeans who visited in the 19th Century and continue to amaze visitors from all over the world today,

The biggest temple is the Angkor Wat temple; and the largest national archaeological park is the Angkor Site, which after years of political turmoil was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Year 1992.

Now the Angkor World Heritage Site has become one of  the world's top tourism destinations as proclaimed by the director of European Council of Tourism and Trade in 2016.

Siem Reap Angkor is the earthly paradise and the immortal world heritage site, crowned the world's top tourism spot and warmly opens its heart to  welcome visitors from all over the globe..

Travelling to the kingdom of wonder, Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia will be  your greatest holiday, and adventure. Our guides will do their best to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable experience whilst gaining an insight into a golden age past. Spend your time exploring the well-preserved wonder of the ancient Angkor civilization, getting up close to the intricate statues and designs and hearing the stories depicted in the carvings.

Please kindly review our tour packages  to find something that suits your needs. We can also arrange something more individual if your time is limited. 

We look forward to assisting you and making the most of your visit!

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